Core Values


All our advisors are Chartered Accountants or Certified Financial Planners and are formally certified by SAICA (SA Institute of Chartered Accountants) and/or FPI (Financial Planning Institute).

Transparency and Integrity

Our clients need to know every day what the market value of your Investment is and our professionals will demonstrate care, honesty and fairness to all stakeholders


To choose the best fund managers to achieve the main objective of an investment to beat inflation & costs and capital preservation over the long term.


To spread your investment across reputable fund managers, all listed asset classes, local and foreign in order to minimize the impact of investment risks, volatility of movements in the financial markets, market risks, interest rate risks, foreign currency risks, liquidity risks etc.

Value to clients

Our services will assist our clients to ensure that the objectives of capital preservation and investment performances of consistent returns that outperform inflation and costs over time periods.

Hofland Investment Consultants

The main reason for creating Hofland Independent Consultants was to enable us to provide our clients with unbiased, truly independent and transparent retirement investment solutions. Read More

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