Retirement Annuity HoflandAre you currently weighing your options for retirement savings? Are you looking for a secure, low risk source of retirement income? If so, then you should consider a fixed Retirement Annuity as a safe, predictable investment that will pay off over time after retirement.

An annuity is an investment-based income source where you receive regular payments on a yearly or quarterly basis. With a fixed Retirement Annuity you will always receive the same payments, so they are much safer than the variable annuity where your payoff fluctuates with your investment earnings.

Most people who go with a fixed Retirement Annuity want a safe, secure way to save for retirement. They do not want to deal with the fluctuating market and payments that come with the variable annuity. Yet, they also give up a lot of potential money when they go with this fixed option.

A variable annuity does fluctuate more, but it can also deliver much higher payments when the market is good. Those who have more time before they retire or have other sources of retirement income may go with a variable annuity and take the risk to earn more money.

For those who want a secure income stream that will not have that level of risk, the fixed Retirement Annuity is a good option. Many people who go this route want the sense of security that comes with the fixed payment rate.

A popular fixed Retirement Annuity that offers the best of both worlds is the equity indexed annuity, which provides downside protection with the upside of the markets. If you are considering an equity indexed annuity you should proceed with caution, however, as some are better than others.

For anyone who will be depending exclusively on this one retirement fund for income in their later years, the fixed Retirement Annuity is a much safer way to go. Many of the people who choose this type of retirement investment also tend to be those that just aren't up for taking much risk with their money. That group continues to grow right now , as more people are interested in guaranteeing money for retirement than getting as much as they possibly can.

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