Retirement Annuity South africa HoflandA pleasant retirement is something we all want to arrange as soon as we terminate our working life. A key element which effects your retirement is the level of income you can draw from an annuity.
An annuity is something we wouldn't contemplate until we get to retirement and it suddenly becomes important. Some of the reasons why we don't think about an annuity include... poor information from insurers, poor information from employers and a sense that the decision is years ahead.

Those who work in pension and savings find this surprising as securing the best annuity can mean boosting your income by as much as 40% or more. As you can observe, this is a huge amount of extra funds.

Here at Hofland we assist our clients in providing them with a framework of world-class investment advisory services, with the objective that the key issues of capital preservation and investment returns that out performs inflation and costs over the long term are being realised.

You may think it seems like a laborious task from your perspective, but getting the right advice is crucial when looking for a Retirement Annuity South Africa based.

You might be saying to yourself.... 'I have not had a heart attack or serious illness'. Well even if this is true you could still be in line for an annuity with enhancements. It is a commonplace to be presented with higher rates if you are prone to smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe on a regular basis. The lesson here is that you must inform your annuity company of any ailment or lifestyle choice which may affect how long you live for.

The explanation of why insurers offer better deals to those with illnesses is that they will have to pay out for a shorter number of years. It should also be mentioned that better pension rates can be paid if the retiree suffers from any of the following conditions asthma, diabetes, or stoke. This shows that there are dozens of different medical conditions which could increase your Retirement Annuity South Africa based.

So to avoid being one of those retirees who skip the chance of getting a much higher retirement income , compare annuity companies - it might be the most pertinent decision you ever make.

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