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certified financial plannerA certified financial planner is a qualified personnel, who assists businesses and individuals set short and long term financial goals. They do this by analyzing an individual’s or business’s current financial status and help them set realistic and attainable goals.
they commonly specialize in asset planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Hofland is staffed with qualified financial planners. Our team is staffed with planners which are certified by the “Certified financial planner board of standards”. With each client we deliver a service that is compliant with these standards and ensure we provide you or expose all information that will allow to make sound financial decisions.

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Are you liable for tax on your inheritance ?

Tax and WillsAre you liable for tax on your inheritance ?. The answer to the question is No. The beneficiary of a trust or estate not  liable to pay, according to the funds received.

An asset acquired by a SA resident is called a capital receipt and is not calculated as part of their gross income. In South African Law, no tax payable by the beneficiaries of the inheritance. Capital Gains Tax is also not payable by the beneficiary.

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Fund Managers

fund managers
Fund managers are key individuals of an entity largely being an FSP (Financial service provider).

Fund managers  at Hofland  have ensured that all employees are Fais compliant ie Fit and Proper and ensured that the
financial intelligent centre act is not only abided by but also upheld by the ompany and its employees.

We act in the best interests of our client in an unbiased, truly independent and transparent manner.

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Grow Your Investment Steadily

Investment Companies In Pretoria HoflandThe main goal of modern working class professionals is the accumulation of highest value of investments by the age of retirement. For its achievement, it is vital to save on money as early as possible. Below is an example explaining the above-mentioned point.

Take the case of two investors, investor A and investor B. Investor A deposits R 12,000 each year for a period of 10 years beginning from the age of 35 without adding anything more. The total contribution by investor A comes to around R 1, 20,000. The second investor, investor B waits until the age of 45 and then, invests an amount of R 12,000 each year for the next 20 years. The total contribution by investor B comes to around R 2, 40,000. Both earn an interest of 7 % sheltered, compounded from taxes in the Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

By the time both reach the age of 65, while the investments of investor A would come to around R 686,494, the investments of investor B would come to around R526,382. The reason for the investor A doing much better than investor B is the fact that, investor A began earlier. Over time, the compounding of interest is extremely powerful.

Hofland is one of the few Investment Companies In Pretoria who are proud providers of cost effective Retirement Investment Options and we are experts in how to utilize your hard earned income by minimizing your tax liabilities to ensure more funds are saved for Retirement. Contact us directly on 082 570 3629 or visit our website at for more information on our Investment Companies In Pretoria.

Planning Your Retirement?

Investment Firms In Pretoria HoflandHave you already planned your retirement? Does your company offer you great benefits and retirement options or do they simply avoid offering any retirement options? Maybe you already know that there are two types of companies when it comes to retirement. The one type tends to offer tempting benefits and retirement options to their employees while the other type will just avoid talking about this matter.
Why do they need to do this? I believe it is all about the money they can spend on their workers because of the differences in funds and resources, which they have. What I am certain about is that retirement options that different companies offer make them a successful or an unsuccessful company in the employees’ eyes.
However, retirement planning is a serious matter and we all have to consider it sooner rather than later. Appropriate retirement planning is the first thing that a successful career has to offer you. You should not wait to plan your retirement because funds may get scanty later. So, have you already thought about your retirement planning or at least have you already begun doing it? Actually, are you completely aware of the contemporary ways of retirement planning?

Don’t tell me that you think that retirement planning is a matter that only elderly people have to consider! If you think so, I have to tell you with regret that you are very wrong. The truth is that time is passing even quicker than we expect. Retirement years will come quickly without you even manage to get ready for them. So don’t you think it will be better for you to plan your life ahead? Wouldn’t be better to be prepared for the retirement when it comes?
I guess you do not prefer to spend your golden years searching for some part-time job in order to make enough cash for simple living. Maybe you do not want to find it hard to pay for your week's groceries when you are at retiring age. Don’t you imagine your retirement years as years full of fun and relaxation, enjoying your hobbies and doing the things you love? Therefore, you need to plan your retirement now and to ensure a better life for the future.
What’s the right time to start retirement planning? Personally, I recommend starting retirement planning once you have graduated from college and acquired a good job. Then, you’ll only need to pay some cash monthly at the bank in order to make that future retirement worthy. Probably, you have already considered retirement planning but you do not know where you can find a good deal.
Time flies and you will get retired before you even understand it is time for retirement. Do not allow this to happen! Get started with that retirement planning today. Later , you’ll realize that you have done well.
Hofland is one of the leading Retirement Investment Firms In Pretoria who are experts in how to utilize your hard earned income by minimizing your tax liabilities to ensure more funds are saved for Retirement.
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