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Retirement Investment Options South Africa HoflandHave you already planned your retirement? Does your company offer you great benefits and retirement options or do they simply avoid offering any retirement options? Maybe you already know that there are two types of companies when it comes to retirement. The one type tends to offer tempting benefits and retirement options to their employees while the other type will just avoid talking about this matter.

Why do they need to do this? I believe it is all about the money they can spend on their workers because of the differences in funds and resources, which they have. What I am certain about is that retirement options that different companies offer make them a successful or an unsuccessful company in the employees’ eyes.

However, retirement planning is a serious matter and we all have to consider it sooner rather than later. Appropriate retirement planning is the first thing that a successful career has to offer you. You should not wait to plan your retirement because funds may get scanty later. So, have you already thought about your retirement planning or at least have you already begun doing it? Actually, are you completely aware of the contemporary ways of retirement planning?
Don’t tell me that you think that retirement planning is a matter that only elderly people have to consider! If you think so, I have to tell you with regret that you are very wrong. The truth is that time is passing even quicker than we expect. Retirement years will come quickly without you even manage to get ready for them. So don’t you think it will be better for you to plan your life ahead? Wouldn’t be better to be prepared for the retirement when it comes?

I guess you do not prefer to spend your golden years searching for some part-time job in order to make enough cash for simple living. Maybe you do not want to find it hard to pay for your week's groceries when you are at retiring age. Don’t you imagine your retirement years as years full of fun and relaxation, enjoying your hobbies and doing the things you love? Therefore, you need to plan your retirement now and to ensure a better life for the future.

What’s the right time to start retirement planning? Personally, I recommend starting retirement planning once you have graduated from college and acquired a good job. Then, you’ll only need to pay some cash monthly at the bank in order to make that future retirement worthy. Probably, you have already considered retirement planning but you do not know where you can find a good deal.

Time flies and you will get retired before you even understand it is time for retirement. Do not allow this to happen! Get started with that retirement planning today. Later , you’ll realize that you have done well.

Hofland are proud providers of cost effective Retirement Investment Options South Africa based and we are experts in how to utilize your hard earned income by minimizing your tax liabilities to ensure more funds are saved for Retirement.
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Taxation Laws

Retirement Tax South Africa HoflandThe New Retirement Taxation Laws Amendment Act legislation postponed

Government has again been forced to backpedal on a tax law amendment compelling two-thirds of provident fund savings to be put in a retirement annuity.

The Cabinet will table an urgent legislative amendment to postpone the implementation date of the Taxation Laws Amendment Act, which was supposed to become effective 1 March 2016.

Treasury said the following changes will be introduced through an urgent tax amendment bill, to be tabled next week:

The bill will propose to Parliament to postpone the annuitisation requirement for provident funds for two years, until 1 March 2018.
Provident fund members will not be required to annuitise contributions to their funds that were made before 1 March 2018.
To ensure the integrity of the retirement system, the ability to transfer tax-free from pension fund to provident fund will also be delayed until 1 March 2018.

The following amendments will continue as scheduled from 1 March 2016:

The Retirement Tax South Africa based deduction for contributions to all retirement funds (including provident funds) will increase to 27.5 per cent of the greater of taxable or remuneration, up to a cap of R350 000 per year, from 1 March 2016.
The minimum threshold required for annuitisation for pension and retirement annuity funds will still be increased from R75 000 to R247 500.
Aside from the issues covered in the urgent tax amendment bill, all other provisions legislated in the 2015 Tax Laws Amendment Act (and all other tax laws) will come into force on 1 March 2016.
Hofland are proud providers of cost effective Retirement products and experts in how to utilize your hard earned income by minimizing your tax liabilities to ensure more funds are saved for Retirement.
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Worried About The market Value Of Your Investment?

Retirement Investments South Africa HoflandHofland provides people with valuable Retirement Investments South Africa based solutions, our annuities provide people with an investment option that promises a steady income stream after retirement. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as there are many more attractive features of these investment options that will be revealed in this article for the benefit of all readers.

Add Annuity to Your Portfolio
Annuities are agreements between individuals and investment companies, such as Hofland, though they we are not backed by government securities. If you are planning to buy a financial product to help you after retirement, you can add Bloomington IL annuities to make your portfolio diverse and more fruitful. The reason why people are opting for annuities in place of retirement plans such as 401k is that growth in fund value is not taxed as it is the case with retirement plans, offered by employers. This means that inflation will not eat up the fund growth which is seen with 401k.

Get a Monthly Income for Life
Income for life is one feature that makes Bloomington IL annuities very attractive. Investing in a CD provides an investor, such as yourself, with a lump sum after maturity and you has to reinvest the money into any other scheme. On the other hand, investing in an annuity is enough for a steady income for a lifetime and one can rest assured of a steady income even if you live to be hundred. Do not forget to make your wife or husband your beneficiary, as the sum on maturity will automatically go to him or her if you die during the period of the annuity.

One feature of Bloomington IL annuities that makes them flexible is that there is no upper limit of the amount that can be invested through these investment tools. This is a relief as there are contribution limits imposed by 401k and other retirement plans offered by employers. There are variable payment options in the case of annuities being offered by insurance companies these days. One can choose from a lump sum payment which is a onetime payment upon maturity or one can opt for monthly or quarterly payments that are fixed. However, there is also a provision of fixed and variable payment to suit your requirements.

Withdrawal Before Maturity Attracts Penalty
IRS supports annuities as investment vehicles for one’s retirement. It imposes a penalty tax of 10% on withdrawal from the fund before the age of 59 1/2. However, the same penalty is imposed on people investing in retirement plans. As such this feature is not a deterrent and people realize the reason behind this penalty.

If you are looking for Retirement Investments South Africa based please contact us directly on 012 347 1801 and we will be pleased to assist you. Hofland are proud providers of the Bloomington IL annuities. You will be safe in our care as we are experienced and reputable.

Gain The Best Annuity Rates

Retirement Annuity South africa HoflandA pleasant retirement is something we all want to arrange as soon as we terminate our working life. A key element which effects your retirement is the level of income you can draw from an annuity.
An annuity is something we wouldn't contemplate until we get to retirement and it suddenly becomes important. Some of the reasons why we don't think about an annuity include... poor information from insurers, poor information from employers and a sense that the decision is years ahead.

Those who work in pension and savings find this surprising as securing the best annuity can mean boosting your income by as much as 40% or more. As you can observe, this is a huge amount of extra funds.

Here at Hofland we assist our clients in providing them with a framework of world-class investment advisory services, with the objective that the key issues of capital preservation and investment returns that out performs inflation and costs over the long term are being realised.

You may think it seems like a laborious task from your perspective, but getting the right advice is crucial when looking for a Retirement Annuity South Africa based.

You might be saying to yourself.... 'I have not had a heart attack or serious illness'. Well even if this is true you could still be in line for an annuity with enhancements. It is a commonplace to be presented with higher rates if you are prone to smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe on a regular basis. The lesson here is that you must inform your annuity company of any ailment or lifestyle choice which may affect how long you live for.

The explanation of why insurers offer better deals to those with illnesses is that they will have to pay out for a shorter number of years. It should also be mentioned that better pension rates can be paid if the retiree suffers from any of the following conditions asthma, diabetes, or stoke. This shows that there are dozens of different medical conditions which could increase your Retirement Annuity South Africa based.

So to avoid being one of those retirees who skip the chance of getting a much higher retirement income , compare annuity companies - it might be the most pertinent decision you ever make.

What is fixed annuity?

Retirement Annuity HoflandAre you currently weighing your options for retirement savings? Are you looking for a secure, low risk source of retirement income? If so, then you should consider a fixed Retirement Annuity as a safe, predictable investment that will pay off over time after retirement.

An annuity is an investment-based income source where you receive regular payments on a yearly or quarterly basis. With a fixed Retirement Annuity you will always receive the same payments, so they are much safer than the variable annuity where your payoff fluctuates with your investment earnings.

Most people who go with a fixed Retirement Annuity want a safe, secure way to save for retirement. They do not want to deal with the fluctuating market and payments that come with the variable annuity. Yet, they also give up a lot of potential money when they go with this fixed option.

A variable annuity does fluctuate more, but it can also deliver much higher payments when the market is good. Those who have more time before they retire or have other sources of retirement income may go with a variable annuity and take the risk to earn more money.

For those who want a secure income stream that will not have that level of risk, the fixed Retirement Annuity is a good option. Many people who go this route want the sense of security that comes with the fixed payment rate.

A popular fixed Retirement Annuity that offers the best of both worlds is the equity indexed annuity, which provides downside protection with the upside of the markets. If you are considering an equity indexed annuity you should proceed with caution, however, as some are better than others.

For anyone who will be depending exclusively on this one retirement fund for income in their later years, the fixed Retirement Annuity is a much safer way to go. Many of the people who choose this type of retirement investment also tend to be those that just aren't up for taking much risk with their money. That group continues to grow right now , as more people are interested in guaranteeing money for retirement than getting as much as they possibly can.

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