How to plan for your retirement

retirement annuityretirement planning at an early age decreases financial stress towards your retirement. Our Consultants have  tips and tricks to help you prepare for your retirement.

1) Be as wise as possible with your savings and always strive to convert your savings into income.

2) Pay off all your debts as soon as you can before your retirement .

3) Calculate your monthly income and draw a budget

4) Review you insurance and check if all is still in order

5) Ensure that all your documentation regarding your will is up to date.

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We on your side

chartered accountantsWith many years experience in the Accounting industry, Hofland Chartered Accountants offers accounting, taxation, payroll, bookkeeping to customers throughout the local Waterkloof Ridge area in Pretoria.

Business management and administration is one of the integral parts for any business. Keeping track of your finances is one of the major aspects which every business owner must pay attention to. This is why every business has an accounts department to keep and maintain all of the monitory information. Let Hofland Chartered Accountants on your challenges and needs to improve the financial performance and add value to the operational aspects of your business.

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The best investments for beginners

investment planner in pretoriaThe fact that you are already looking for an investment planner in Pretoria means you are already on your way to financial independence. Some of the best investment plans include

1) Business Equities: when you invest in shares in a company that will constantly pay you dividends

2)Real estate: The best investment plan for beginners as they have control over the profits made through upkeep and renovations.

3)Buying bonds: this is a straight forward way of lending money to institutes and expecting back with interest.

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Tips for managing your businesses finances

We are all aware that amongst other objectives, it is every companies objective, small or big, to make a profit. Managing finances properly and with caution has become imperative.

Some of the things that all business owners should keep in mind when managing finances is :

1)chartered accountants in pretoria Do research and some learning: It is imperative that as a business owner you have a basic idea of how to interpret your businesses financial statement

2) Hire professional Chartered Accountants in Pretoria

3) Monitor the performance of your businesses through financial statements.

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Your Investment Consultant

investment consultantWhen it comes down to managing money many times it is always advisable best to leave it to the investment consultants who are knowledgeable and experienced with various kinds of financial aspects.

Hofland investment consultants offer a variety of services such as accounting advisory, financial management, internal controls, and information technology as well as business risk assessments.

Our goal is to provide quality service that will meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations. So if you require help with you’re an investment consultant, banking, and assets do not delay contact Hofland investment consultants and we will gladly provide you with investment consulting.

Hofland Investment Consultants

The main reason for creating Hofland Independent Consultants was to enable us to provide our clients with unbiased, truly independent and transparent retirement investment solutions. Read More

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